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Petition Started to Bring Keith Hernandez Back to SNY


Stop all the talk about Yoenis Cespedes. The Mets biggest unsigned commodity comes in the form of Keith Hernandez.

Hernandez, part of the world famous trio if Gary, Keith and Ron with Gary Cohen and Ron Darling, played for the Mets for seven seasons, batting .297 with a .387 OBP. He was also a gold-gloved caliber first baseman. He also played for the St. Louis Cardinals and Cleveland Indians, but that’s irrelevant as far as we’re concerned.

Keith is a fixture on SNY, and his brutal honesty and analysis is exactly what Mets’ fans enjoy. Sure, he combines humor and sometimes has an occasional brainfart, but that’s just Keith being Keith.

Hernandez won two 2010 New York Emmys. He won an individual award for Sports Analyst and as part of the SNY Mets broadcast team which won the “Live Sports Event: Series 2009 Mets: The Inaugural Year of Citi Field” award.

Now, there’s a petition to bring Keith back to SNY for 2016, which I think is the inevitable outcome here.

Here’s an excerpt from petition creator Brandon F. from Brooklyn:

For many of us, the excellent SNY broadcast team of Gary, Ron & Keith are a good portion of the reason we were able to tolerate the Mets through all those bad years. And seeing them come alive for this amazin’ 2015 season was a real treat. Keith’s off-color (and sometimes inappropriate) remarks, honest tone and made up lingo have been a fan favorite since he joined the broadcast team.

Please Keith, Please SNY. We will work on our “fundies”. We know Keith enjoys his home in the “Hampies” but we need him in the booth! Please sign and share so SNY and Keith knows we want them to #SIGNKEITH

For more information on the petition, click here.

Do you think the Mets should bring Hernandez back? Tell us in the comments section below.

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