By: Michael Ganci

Red Sox Sign Yoan Moncada, Bogaerts Available for Mets?


Despite Sandy Alderson’s words stating the contrary, I don’t think Noah Syndergaard is untouchable. I just think Sandy is doing what Sandy Does and is jockeying for position.

Monday’s development of the Red Sox signing Cuban shortstop sensation, the 19-year-old Yoan Moncada, is of interest to the Mets, who have long had interest in youngster Xander Bogaerts.

The big question is whether Sandy is willing to include Syndergaard in any kind of offer. The Red Sox doled out a $31.5 million signing bonus, so with the penalties their facing with international spending, that’s going to double to $63 million, something I don’t think they were looking to spend on a backup.

The Red Sox already have three shortstops on their roster with the addition of Moncada. Hanley Ramirez was moved to left field when he signed in Beantown, and Bogaerts is just 22 years old. It seems like the Red Sox have five middle-of-the-rotation type pitchers, and a potential ace could be the exact thing that they’re looking for.

Here’s my offer: Syndergaard for Bogaerts, straight up.

Do you think the Red Sox would do it? Better yet, would you do it? Tell us in the comments below.

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