By: Michael Ganci

Sandy Alderson Makes Fun of Mets Shortstop Situation


Sometimes I really wonder and worry about the mental stage of the Mets management team.

Sure, a joke is a joke, but some things just aren’t all that funny, especially when you talk about your own team’s weakness and your unwillingness to upgrade because it would cost money.

For the Mets, that weakeness is shortstop. The Mets have two of them, Wilmer Flores and Ruben Tejada, but they both have their shortcomings. While Flores seems like has some offensive potential, his range is limited, to say the least. Tejada on the other hand is solid defensively, but he couldn’t hit his way out of a paper bag.

Before Spring Training began, Alderson and his wife Linda were summoned to Jury Duty, ironically in the same place at the same time.

As part of the selection process, he was interviewed, and the discussion went like this.

Question: What do you do for a living?

Alderson: I’m the general manager of the New York Mets.

Question: What does your spouse do?

Alderson: Actually, my wife’s sitting right behind me.

Question: What do you do in your free time?

Alderson: Well, now I’m looking for a shortstop.

The courtroom burst into laughter. (Alderson emphasized that he meant his remark as a joke.)


Here’s more from Jared Diamond at the Wall Street Journal:

At that point, Alderson didn’t expect to be put on the jury. He certainly didn’t expect both him and his wife to be put on the same jury. But after facing inquiries about whether he and his wife always agree on everything (they don’t) and whether they could avoid discussing the case at home (they could), Sandy and Linda were both chosen and wound up serving together.

Sandy, you think that might be a sore spot for the fan base? You may have entertained the court room, but I am not laughing one bit. This team might be a Troy Tulowitzki or Ian Desmond away from making a World Series run, but your bosses are too damn cheap.

But make jokes about it, that will help.

Does anything surprise you anymore fans?

For more of Diamond’s story, click here.

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