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Is The Search For Gary Cohen On Twitter Over?



Below is my original report where I totally called out potentially some random guy about following a ton of baseball related people. Oh goodness the drama in this search is too much!

When running a website and a twitter account, boredom can lead you to use those two things for odd and random reasons. So with that, I bring you this post.

One of the things we have learned this season is that our beloved SNY play by play man Gary “Gare” Cohen is on twitter lurking around and getting news.

He doesn’t tweet at all but knows all about what is going on in the world none the less. With a few mentions of things that have happened on twitter people have been wondering just what Gare’s handle is.

He has mentioned in the past that he follows the Mets beat writers and Kevin Burkhardt and has a green egg for an avatar. Some small bits of information for the amateur detectives out there on social media to use when trying to solve this mystery.

Well today the search just might be over….

Mike Nelson might have just cracked the case wide open! On further examination of the account @dj1rock finds that he has a green egg for an avatar and follows 211 people or baseball related companies.

The list of follows include reporters from all 30 teams including every single Mets beat writer, Michael Baron of and Kevin Burkhardt. It also follows MLB, Elias, STATS and other baseball related websites as well.

(Of course he doesn’t follow @MetsBooth, @RonDarling12 or @JoshLewinStuff which is some damning evidence against this theory)

This account has never tweeted once and had never been mentioned before (according to my tweetbot app) until today.

Of course I could be 100% wrong and this person who started this account could be just some random guy or girl who loves baseball.

But, I have a hunch our search is over. Gare Cohen is on twitter under the random handle of @dj1rock.

Welcome to Twitter Gare, can you get Keith to join next and how bout a follow back?

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