By: Michael Ganci

Shocker: Another Medical Mishap by the Mets


Two words: Ray Ramirez.

Are you even surprised anymore with the injury state of the Mets? When I think of the debacles, just in recent memory, I honestly wonder why Ray Ramirez still has a job.

Do you remember Jason Bay getting on the plane? Do you remember Carlos Beltran getting a second opinion, because he obviously didn’t trust Mets’ diagnoses? How about most recent? Yoenis Cespedes, undoubtedly the Mets’ best player (even with Jay Bruce) has had a sore quad for weeks, but rather than DL him and let him rest, they forced the issue, and now Cespedes (although who knows if he’ll keep golfing) will be out at least two weeks.

So we have to try to make a big run with Bruce, Nimmo, Conforto, Granderson and De Aza? Excuse me for not being confident. Last year was a wonderful ride, but it ended short of the ultimate prize. Unlike the Royals, who fell just short two years ago before winning it all last year, this team just simply doesn’t seem equipped to make it into October.

Until next year…

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