By: Michael Ganci

Shocker: Mets Are Getting Cheap with the ‘FREE’ Subway Promotion


The Mets’ pitching staff has been striking out guys in droves, and management has noticed what that’s meant for the Subway promotion. I wonder who was the first to panic. Probably Subway, because three times already, I have bought a small drink and got a six-inch sub for free.

Total- $1.90.

Here’s what the voucher looked like:


Now, you need to buy a sub to get the free one. Clearly, Subway and the Mets underestimated this promotion’s popularity, hence why they changed it this early in the season.

Total Now- More than $6.

Here’s the new voucher:


Question: Who the hell is going to go on their lunch break and buy two? Not me. Good job Subway…you just lost a customer.

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