By: Michael Ganci

Survey Results: Mets Fans Willing to Deal Duda, Murphy, Plawecki and More


Yesterday, the Daily Stache posted a story asking fans to vote on who they’d be willing to trade in the right deal, and the results were quite surprising on a number of fronts.

There were guys who the fans refuse to part with, guys they wouldn’t be heartbroken to say goodbye to and guys they wish were gone already. Take into account we didn’t include the Mets’ bullpen or bench in this survey because these guys aren’t likely to be included in any potential deal the Mets could make. Also, David Wright’s contract is untradeable, so he wasn’t included either.

Nearly 1,000 people cast their votes. Here’s what we learned.

Untouchable: Jacob deGrom (98 percent), Steven Matz (95 percent), Noah Syndergaard (93 percent), Michael Conforto (87 percent), Matt Harvey (82 percent)

There’s really no surprises here. A recent report suggested that Conforto is one of the top prospects in baseball, so the Mets will hold onto him unless a franchise changing bat comes available. Harvey’s number seems a bit on the low side, but it’s not surprising considering people think he’s going to jump ship the first chance he gets. Syndergaard ad deGrom have been filthy, and Matz’s upside is downright scary.

We’re willing to listen (Percentages in favor of trade): Matt Reynolds (68 percent), Daniel Murphy (63 percent), Brandon Nimmo (63 percent), Kevin Plawecki (62 percent), Flores (56 percent), Dominic Smith (47 Percent), Lucas Duda (48 percent)

This was a bit surprising to me. Knowing how Rosario is in the minors, I could see the willingness to deal Reynolds. You need to trade talent to get talent, but Kevin Plawecki needs to stay. With Travis d’Arnaud’s injury history, we can’t be stuck with Johnny Monell and Anthony Recker as our only options behind the plate. The tide has turned on Lucas Duda as well, mostly due to his power outage, but there’s little suggest the Mets would part with him. Daniel Murphy is an interesting case, but his highest value is with the Mets. Being that he doesn’t have a true position, it’s hard to imagine him being traded. I’m also surprised by the high results for Nimmo and Smith, two of the Mets’ top three prospects. I could see Nimmo as the top postion prospect included in any deal.

Trade Now: Jon Niese (92 percent), Rafael Montero (91 percent), Ruben Tejada (90 percent), Michael Cuddyer (86 percent), Bartolo Colon (85 percent)

Let’s start with Tejada. He’s a worthless bench player that would likely get the Mets a prospect that would never develop. Moving on. Cuddyer looks like an over-the-hill injury risk, so he’s unlikely to attrach interest, so that leaves Niese and Colon. Niese has rebounded nicely after a rocky patch earlier this year. Although he can be an attractive piece, teams still aren’t enamored with him, according to reports. Also, uncertainty surrounding Steven Matz’ lat may lead to the Mets keeping Niese around. Colon, on the other hand, has been stabilizing, despite his pedestrian ERA. My bet is on the Mets keeping both. Montero, if proven healthy, could be a nice trade chip.

Here’s who I see as Mets’ realistic trade chips, according to these results: Montero, Niese,Reynolds, Nimmo, Plawecki, Smith. They could also look to lower level prospects, such as Michael Fullmer or Gabriel Ynoa, to get a deal done as well.

This should be fun.

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