By: Stache Staff

Terry Collins Says Robot Players Are Coming


Well it looks like Terry Collins, the Mets manager for the past two years and change has finally lost his mind.

It seems to Terry that in the near future, we will have built robots that will have the ability to play baseball and we will all be watching.

You know, I think that would be interesting.

For any robot that does goes into a slump, you can just reprogram him.

If a robot decides to retire, you can recycle him and make two brand new robot players out of his spare parts.

Also, the robot will have no emotions so you can boo him as much as you want and he wont give a crap.

Basically, this is the kind of idea that could put the Mets over the top in the NL East!

Of course Terry doesn’t know this but, the Robot Baseball generation might be closer then he thinks…..


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