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The Colon Dilemma


As spring training begins to unfold, Mets fans are beginning to get a sample of the reality they’ve been dreaming about for the last few years.

Watching in real-time, Matt Harvey proving that he’s still got “it” (albeit in a small sampling), Mets fans are beginning to salivate at the thought of a Harvey/DeGrom/Wheeler/Matz/Syndergaard rotation. But that ideal rotation is leaving out a few names that are still here, in a purgatory of sorts, awaiting their judgment.

It seems a foregone conclusion at this point that Dillon Gee will convert to a bullpen role. Is this the role he deserves? Probably not; while Gee has been far from a dominant pitcher, he has been (mostly) solid, when healthy. He would be a great 4th or 5th in the-rotation-guy for any team that isn’t the Mets.

Jon Niese falls into a similar category as a slightly above average part of the Mets rotation, though it seems as though there is a spot left for him. Niese represents the Mets lone left-hander in the rotation; that is, until Steven Matz arrives for good. Niese’s shoulder seems to be in good condition. He might represent the Mets best trading chip if he can continue to prove his health.

That brings us to the big guy, Bartolo Colon. All things said, Colon did have a serviceable season, winning 15 games with an era just over 4. The 41 year-old is still here and he’s set to earn $10 million, not a ton by today’s standards. Why hasn’t there been much news about Sandy Alderson trying to move him?

There has got to be some interest in a guy that has won 33 games over the past two years. But what we get out of Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins is that Colon is one of the favorites for an Opening Day start. This is the year of new beginnings, why not start it off with a young gun like DeGrom?

All of this may be okay for now, through May even. But come June, and the likes of Matz and Syndergaard move past their all-important June service date threshold, the Mets may find themselves in difficult situation.

There needs to be more trade talk around Colon than there has been. The Mets can’t stall the future to service the past, and they shouldn’t have to wait until the trade deadline to unload him.

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