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The Difference Between Players’ Thoughts Regarding Yankees and Mets


Call me a jealous Mets’ fan all you want.

When news broke today regarding the return of Andy Pettite to the Yankees, a got a sick feeling in my stomach. “Here we go again,” I thought. The Yankees continue to stockpile in depth, while Mets’ fans are forced to endure yet another year of Mike Pelfrey for 20-plus starts and a revolving door at pretty much every other position.

From USA Today:

The 39-year-old Pettitte last played in 2010. The left-hander sat out last season, but was with the Yankees in camp this spring as an instructor. He recently threw batting practice for the team. Pettitte is 240-138 lifetime. In his last season with the Yankees, he was an All-Star and went 11-3.

David Wright’s torn “six-pack” seems to symbolize everything that’s wrong with the Mets. There are six areas of concern that are worth monitoring.

  1. Johan Santana’s health
  2. Mike Pelfrey’s effectiveness
  3. Frank Francisco’s control
  4. David Wright’s health
  5. Daniel Murphy’s defense
  6. Ike Davis’ fever

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Realize that I didn’t even mention Jason Bay, Lucas Duda, Andres Torres or Ruben Tejada. This team that Terry Collins is so confident about may have some serious troubles moving forward.

For the Yankees, there is truly no gamble here. Whatever they get out of Pettite is a bonus. It seems like players are eager to pitch in the Bronx, while other seem like they’d rather retire than take the gamble to come back and play for the Mets, unless their name is C.J. Nitkowski, who the Mets have yet to sign.

Right now, how they perform is anyone’s guess.

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