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The Mets Support Orioles OF Nick Markakis…Wait What?


Picture Courtesy of @MetsPolice

Well the New York Mets are trying their best, to get not only their players voted into the All-Star Game this year, but to help out other players as well.

Nick Markakis is, in my opinion, a very talented Right Fielder for the Baltimore Orioles. I think with a big season, he could certainly be an All-Star for the American League.

He has never made it before and the Glen Cove native is getting help from his hometown team.

Unless the people who run the Mets website know something that we all don’t, Nick Markakis is not playing for the Mets. I also don’t think the Orioles are trading him to the Mets, for now.

I would be thrilled, unless they give up a lot, to have him become a Mets OF and would happily vote for him to be an All-Star.

But this just seems to be another #LOLMets thing. But, in all honesty, it was nice of them to support a local ballplayer to play the game back in New York.

Good for you Mets!

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