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The Mike Piazza Dilemma: Mets or Dodgers?


When Mike Piazza was drafted as a favor in the 62nd round of the 1988 draft, not many people thought that 23 years later, we would be having the discussion of which hat he would be wearing when he gets elected into the baseball hall of fame.

Of course, as Mets fans, our gut says that Piazza should be wearing a Mets jersey when he is enshrined into the hall. If that s the case, he will join only Tom “Terrific” Seaver as the only players to dawn a Mets hat in Cooperstown.

Now, Piazza led the Mets to the World Series, which is something he never did for the Dodgers. With arguments like this, though, I feel like using numbers to tell the story and make the best assessment of the situation. So here’s the lowdown.

Dodgers Stats

Homers- 177
RBI- 563
Average- .329 BA

Marlins Stats

Homers- 0
RBI- 5
Average- .278

Mets Stats

Homers- 220
RBI- 655
Average- .295

I don’t think there’s any question that Piazza should be wearing a Mets hat when he enters the hall of fame, but it should definitely be interesting to see how much consideration the Dodgers truly get.

What do you think?

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