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The Mind of the Yankee Fan


I know this is a Mets’ blog, but this is relevant, and it is something I have been dying to dive into for quite some time.

For those of you who don’t know, the Daily Stache and Patch have been sharing some of these Mets’ posts to help spread the Mets’ gospel. The response has been excellent on Patch. The comments and conversations have been ongoing, and that will only help the Daily Stache in the long run.

One thing I simply can’t wrap my mind around is the Yankee fan that likes to put a damper on everything Mets-related. I know many people who have said to me, “I don’t hate the Mets. Why do you hate the Yankees?” Plain and simple, the fans make that a very easy process.

It’s the whole “kick them while their down mentality.” Here’s one comment from this morning from a guy with the username “Jaguar Guy” on Patch

The choking has begun – sadly. Cough – cough !!!!

Raise your hand if you think that’s unnecessary. These people wonder why we get such great joy out of the Yankees losing. Comments like the one above are a prime-time reason. Many Yankee fans (not all) jumped on the bandwagon just because of their winning history. They weren’t following the team when it was down in the dumps. They are frontrunners. It takes true passion and commitment to be a Mets’ fan. I know people that have crossed the line to the dark side, and I have no respect for that. If you root for a team, you stick with them through thick and thin. I root for the Jets, Mets, Knicks and Rangers, so clearly, disappointment is something I have becomes accustomed to in my rooting career.

Before I let the Mets and Yankees’ fans banter on the topic, let me share one more story regarding my experience with one of the most arrogant Yankees’ fans I know.

I forget the year, but I was at my mother’s cousin’s house. I was watching a Met game in which their season was on the line. My dad would meet us there later, but I was there with my mom’s cousin’s husband, Tom. He’s an avid Yankee fan that wants every all-star to be a Yankee, naturally.

The Mets ended up losing the game, but that’s not the point of the story. Tom said the following after the Mets had lost, I was crushed and he was holding the remote.

Now it’s time to put a major league game on.

Are you kidding me? In a time like that, it’s nice to stick the knife in a little deeper, so to speak? I would later find out that my dad was there before the game ended, but he listened to the end of the game in the car, because he didn’t want to be with Tom when the game ended.

So what is it Yankees’ fans? Why do you get such a kick out of making fun of our pain? Mets’ fans are dying to know.

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