By: Michael Ganci

The Need for Speed


It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a Mets’ team without a legitimate base stealer, but that’s what you’re looking at in 2015.

Over the years, whether it was someone like Jose Reyes or even Eric Young Jr., the Mets always seemed to have that guy that got into the pitcher’s head. Even if the baserunner takes a slight amount of the pitcher’s attention, it gives that much more of an advantage.

In this year’s lineup, there are a few guys who could swipe a bag from time to time. They’re Granderson, Murphy, Wright and Lagares. Cuddyer, Duda, d’Arnaud and Flores are all as slow as molasses, and if they get an occasional steal, it’s only because they catch the battery off guard.

Due to the lack in speed, the Mets need to be more efficient on the base paths this year. First of all, no blunders (Cough…Daniel Murphy…Cough). Secondly, do the right thing and hustle. That means score from second on a base hit to the outfield, go first to third on a hit, and never make the third out at third base.

It’s going to be a station-to-station type offense this season. On Wednesday, the Mets managed to get four hits one inning and plate just one run. With a mediocre offense, we need to make the most of opportunities, especially against a talented pitcher like Jordan Zimmermann.

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