By: Jason Wilson

The Niese Drama Begins


And here we are less than two weeks away from 1’s and 2’s reporting and I am reading about Jon, his shoulder and his issues with Terry Collins.

Kevin Kernan (New York Post) is reporting that the Mets have told Niese they do not want to trade him. Well, that’s good because he is our only lefty starter out of two left-handed pitchers on the roster. Glad we can put that to bed.

I seem to recall a few years ago Niese being a hot commodity and the Royals wanting to do a package of some kind that would have brought Wil Meyers to the big apple. That would have landed us that power corner outfielder we were looking for up until we signed Michael Cuddyer. Good thing that didn’t happen. Insert sarcasm.

The big knock on Jon has been his shoulder issues. He has missed parts of the last two seasons due to issues with the rotator cuff. Not good. Most pitchers who have a slight tear or strain opt to rehab and make the area stronger rather than go under the knife. I remember years back after HOF’er John Smoltz came back from shoulder surgery he said it was the worst thing he had to recover from and he would do Tommy John twice before that again. Niese tells Kernan that he feels normal and is ready to go. We can only hope.

Now it seems we rehashing the supposed spat between him and TC. Niese tells Kernan that it was totally fabricated and that it got heated a little bit. Well, if things got heated then a spat between the two doesn’t seem to be totally fabricated now does it?

Only Mets fans get to experience the joy of the previous seasons drama on the cusp of spring training!

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