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The Rise of Herrera


Remember when Met fans everywhere were fuming when the Mets sent Marlin Byrd and John Buck to Pittsburgh in 2013?

And it was understandable. I was one of those fuming fans. They brought in much needed power that the Mets needed. And then they were gone. But, amongst the deal with the Pirates, we walked away with Dilson Herrera. Who happens to be one of our top ten prospects.

The scouts have nothing bad to say about Herrera and give him much praise. Sandy Alderson had this to say about Herrera:

“We’re very happy with his progress. I mean, it was phenomenal last year really coming from Port St. Lucie through Binghamton and up to the major league club. It was tough for me to make the decision to bring Dilson up to the major leagues knowing how important he had been to Binghamton.”

It’s no wonder the scouts are having a hard time criticizing the kid. When you rise up that fast in the system scouts and fans alike have to take notice. And, he’s only 20 years old in double A ball. And rumor has it, he may start triple A ball in 2015. But, all in all he may get called up to the Majors sooner then you think.

Herrera who started the 2014 season with St. Lucie and moved up to Binghamton in the same year has had a very good Minor League career thus far. He’s a solid hitter with a batting average of .297 (1,407 AB’s over four seasons) with 418 hits. That’s fairly impressive for our young prospect. He’s coming up the farm very fast with no sings of slowing down. But, that’s just one of the reasons I can’t wait for him to be called up to the Major Leagues.

Normally, I’d rather have a SS that can field really well, but be a complete bust in the batters box. And finding a SS that can field and hit is a massive bonus. If given a healthy amount of at bats Herrera will drive in runs. I feel good saying this because last season he did just that. Herrera played 128 games, 524 AB, 169 H, 13 Hr and sporting a healthy .323 batting average. In 2013 he put up similar numbers while having 442 AB’s. I don’t think he’s a fluke. My only hesitation is can he hit constantly on the Major League level? If last season was any indication it should be full steam ahead for Herrera.

And lastly, not only is he versatile in the infield, he can field. In the Minors Herrera has 1,598 Defensive chances, 557 Putouts, 972 Assists, 69 Errors and a Fielding percentage of .957. And remember, this is over 4 seasons.  He can play 3rd, SS and 2nd. And Mets fans know we need a legit second basemen. And with Murphy’s future looking bleak after the 2015 season and with Herrera plowing through the farm, we could be looking at our new 2nd basemen after 2015 or maybe even sooner. That of course depends on the direction Murphys season goes in 2015.

Some are saying Herrera isn’t ready defensively to be called up yet. That may be true but hes an actual 2nd basemen. Who happens to be a better fielder then Murphy. That’s a trade off I’d make in a heart beat. And I’m sure some of the readers of the Daily Stache would too. I consider him an upgrade. With Murphy becoming a free agent after 2015, Herrera may be the last man standing. Bring him up and let Murphy go! Can’t wait to see Herrera get the call up to the Major Leagues.

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