By: Will Johnson

The Wilpons Can Buy The Fan’s Love


Hey Fred. Hey Jeff. I don’t know if you’ve been reading the papers lately but I think Jim Dolan has done you a favor. Now take advantage,

This week the news broke that Dolan, the owner of the Knicks, Rangers and Madison Square Garden had insulted a fan. The fan who messaged Dolan claims to be a Knicks fan since 1952. He told Dolan that he feels embarrassed by his business decisions and interfering with the team. It’s a sentiment that most Knick fans can agree with. Dolan e-mailed the fan back. Where the fan’s message was maybe a 4 or 5 on the mean scale out of 10, Dolan turned it to 11. He accused the man of being a sad man (thought that was established by the fact that he’s a Knicks fan) who is probably an alcoholic who is a negative force in people’s lives. He then told the fan to cheer for the cross town rivals the Nets. By the time he hit send he had earned the George M. Steinbrenner Commemorative D-Bag Owner Award. It’s an award that’s been residing with the Wilpons for a couple of years now.

Now the Wilpons need to take the oppurtunity and save their image in Mets fans eyes. Well maybe not save it but polish the turd a little. Right now there are almost no fans who support the Wilpons. They’re heartless idiots in the eyes of most of the fans. With Jim Dolan taking the incompetent owner spotlight, Jeff and Fred should try to do a little rehab.

First off, Fred and Jeff, never mention Madoff again. Its been three years since you guys settled the lawsuit. Stop claiming to have no money.

Start spending money. The fans are tired of seeing the team payroll being in the bottom of the barrel. This off season is a wash in terms of moves to be made. But there’s still next season. Depending how he does, and from the looks i think he’ll have another good season, I think you should lock Lucas Duda to a contract. Pay the man. Depending on Harvey’s season goes you should lock him down. Sign him to a good contract that’ll keep him in Queens for the foreseeable future. Cause if not he’ll stay in New York but he’ll be going to the Bronx. And the fans will try running you guys out on a rail. And the rail will be shoved in an unpleasant place.

Something you can do now is pay Bobby Bonilla. Pay him whatever is remaining on his contract. Every year the fans get a swift, hard kick in the crotch when they’re reminded that Bonilla is getting paid a million dollars for sitting on his fat ass. Seeing as the last memory the fans have of the waste of space is that he was in the locker room playing cards with Rickey Henderson, paying him money all these years later is an insult. Pay him the remaining 23.8 million right now in a lump sum and be done with him. We can move on and eventually the boneheadedness of the deal will be forgotten or at least be a distant memory.

There’s something else you can do for me Fred that doesn’t involve money. Start showing a little love for your team. The perception, at least that i have, is that you want to own the Brooklyn Dodgers and since you can’t do that The Mets are your consolation prize. Last season i never heard about you visiting the field and talking to players except for one time. When the dodgers were in town. That got some bitter reactions on twitter (admittedly it was mostly from my account but still there was other people grumbling about it.) Just start visiting the field, making yourself seen talking with David Wright or Granderson. Smile a little. Shake hands with the fans. I know you’ll get some venom from some fans, but I think that if you make an effort that will go a long way to helping your image.

And Jeff, just shut up. Stop getting for stupid stuff,

Jim Dolan has done you a favor. Take advantage. Dolan being a dick is a good thing for you guys. The more he’s pissing Knick fans off the less people will be looking at the other owners of New York.


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