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All-Time Mets Home Grown Roster


Welcome to the second entry into the Jordan Silver Baseball League. Or as I choose to nickname it: JSBL (trademark pending) world of lists. Still coming up with a rule book, but for now I choose to go old school and call my rules “Commandments.”

  1. Men Love Lists
  2. Men Love to Debate
  3. I make the rules

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So send your comments and arguments as I consecrate today’s list:

The All-Time Roster of Players Who Are Home Grown

The Mets, like many other teams, have had a very peak and valley history when it comes to player development. There have been great drafts. There have been years when the draft was so-so. Sometimes the Mets made a trade that turned into a great prospect (Noah Syndergaard). Others not so much (Alex Ochoa). Some years the minor league system has been rated tops in the sport. There have been periods where the team wasn’t able to develop any viable talent. Again, this is systemic across baseball. That team from the Bronx had a run of success while their owner was in temporary exile. It gave them the chance to develop the Core Four (Bernie Williams is still excluded?) and then fill in the other positions from great trades (Paul O’Neill for Roberto Kelly) and free agent signings (Wade Boggs). But they have also been accused of depleting their system through “win-now” trades.

I’ve set certain criterion for how the roster is comprised:

  1. Players on this list had to spend time in the minor league system, but weren’t necessarily drafted by the Mets (they could have been obtained via trade, compensatory pick or the Rule 5 draft).
  2. Players must have made their Major League debut in a Mets uniform. Sid Fernandez, Jerry Grote and John Stearns wouldn’t qualify.
  3. The criterion for making the roster is not only based on what they may have done for the Mets, but their overall career is also taken into account.
  4. Players may have made played multiple positions. They are listed based on the position that they were either best known for or where they made the most impact.
  5. Outfielders and utility infielders are not distinguished by specific position.
  6. The coaching staff (manager and two coaches) had to be managers for the Mets where it was their first managerial first position (sorry Casey and Dallas).
  7. The team is made up as follows:
    • 8 starting position players
    • 5 starting pitchers (must have been starters throwing right handed or left)
    • 1 closer (had to be a closer)
    • 1 back-up catcher
    • 2 utility infielders (any position)
    • 2 back-up outfielders (any position)
    • 1 pinch hitter (not necessarily someone who was a pinch hitter or a designated hitter)
    • 5 bullpen pitchers (who may have been starters and relievers)

So before I reveal the team let me tell you some players who didn’t make the team:

Shawn Abner     Stanley Jefferson             Gregg Jeffries    Kevin Elster        Rafael Santana
Ron Hunt             Ron Hodges        Ron Gardenhire        Doug Sisk             Ed Lynch
Rick Ownbey      Wally Backman  Alex Trevino       Hubie Brooks     Brian Giles           Mike Scott

Introducing the Best Home Grown Mets

Home Grown_startersHome Grown_reserves

Home Grown_coaching staffSo now you have my list of the all-time home grown Mets roster. Agree? Disagree? Who was left out? Who shouldn’t have been included? Is there a list you’d like to see? Leave your comments.


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