By: Randy Nieves

Trying to Sell Myself on Gary Cohen’s “Blue & Orange Crush” Nickname


The Mets hit bombs. They are a bonafide homerun hitting team that can string them together like a Lucas Duda hot streak; one game they’re scoring eight runs off of four homers and they’re the most dangerous team in the game. Of course, with that all or nothing approach, they go through cold streaks where they can’t manage more than one hit and look like… well, Lucas Duda still, but on a cold streak.

But chicks dig the long ball, as does Sandy Alderson and all baseball fans really, so this iteration of the New York Mets deserves its own nickname. But Blue & Orange Crush?

Let me state for the record that I love the work Gary Cohen does. LOVE. He’s the best play-by-play guy in the business for my money. And I get that a) Bronx Bombers was already taken and b) the Mets play in Queens anyway. But there’s something about being named after a Kate Bosworth movie and an Orange soda drink that irks me and brings back memories of being the Yankees younger, clumsier kid brother. They still have the better nickname, it was original and all we’re getting is second-hand, recycled hand-me-downs.

I did try. Orange Krush was the band that played a big role in early Def Jam records tracks a couple of Run DMC’s biggest tracks. Run DMC were huge rap pioneers and they’re from Queens! That’s something to be proud of, I suppose. In the end, however, it’s trying too hard. The Mets have too long and large a history of muck ups for me to get excited about nicknames trying to cover up years of haplessness. I love the team and I bleed blue and orange. But they are the Mets and for me, that’s all they need to be.

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