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VIDEO: Bartolo Colon Doubles & Scores A Run


In the top of the sixth inning of the Mets-Cardinals afternoon game, Bartolo Colon lead off and everyone was ready for the first out of the inning to be made in short order.

But, Big Bart had other ideas and decided to do this instead…

Thats right folks, Bartolo Colon got a hit for the first time since 2005 (against the Mets actually) and his first career extra base hit.

Oh but he wasn’t done quite yet as Eric Young Jr helped Bartolo do something that he hasn’t done since 2002.

Thats right folks again, Bartolo Colon scored the tying run for the Mets, his first run scored since he was pitching for the Montreal Expos 12 years ago.

With the Mets batting pitchers in the 8th spot the last two nights, Colon was put in the nine spot and maybe he was upset that he wasn’t given a shot.

If anything, he has done more offensively for the Mets as a free agent signing than Chris Young. That is an exaggeration… kinda.

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