By: Michael Ganci

VIDEO: Pete Alonso surprises lifelong Mets fan with call, makes her day


I know we’re late to this one, but damn it I am going to share it anyway. Pete Alonso has been nothing short of a godsend since his arrival in Flushing last season.

We went from discussing whether or not he’d make the opening day roster last year to declaring this his (and Jacob DeGrom’s) team. It’s not only the rookie record for homers, the home run derby performance and the #LFGM, it’s the passion for the city he plays for. He cares for the people, and that couldn’t be anymore evidenced than by looking at the clip below.

Like I said prior, we should be trying to make people smile right now, and the Polar Bear Pete Alonso is doing just that. Kudos to Mets manager Luis Rojas for being part of the initiative as well.

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