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Waiting to Exhale: He’s Ours!


Hello Mets faithful and Happy December!  It will certainly be Happy Holidays for all of us because…he’s ours!  At long last, after all the rumors, false reports, speculating, praying, hoping, rain dancing, etc., David Wright is now a Met for life (barring any future trades).  We finally have our generation’s version of Ed Kranepool…someone we can rally around and cheer on as our forever hero.

I didn’t report earlier because until there was official word, all the rumors were just that…rumors.  I wanted to wait until we could be excited and celebrate for real and not continue to wring our hands over what was or wasn’t happening.

Wright’s new contract keeps him a Met until 2020, and is also now the largest contract ever given to any Met.  All I know is that I was so hyped up when the news broke at something crazy like 2:00 am, that I couldn’t sleep afterwards.  Yes, there will always be naysayers out there who think Wright should be traded and that he is now way overpaid.  You know what?  I don’t care.  The ownership has finally given us something to believe in, and they have finally done something right.  David also got a deal worth more than both Evan Longoria’s and Ryan Zimmerman’s, which should make him quite content with how he ranks in the world of MLB third basemen.

To make this deal even more sweet, Terry Collins has said he intends to talk to David about finally officially becoming the team captain.

Since my off-season assignment also includes the other half of the left infield, what has our little Ruben been up to?  Well, he’s been busy playing winter ball in his home country of Panama.  Unfortunately, his team failed to qualify for the World Baseball Classic.

Now let’s sign R.A. Dickey and get an outfielder or two and we can call it a successful off-season…at least in my eyes.  Keep it going Sandy, you’re finally on the right track, and this Mets fan is grateful.

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