By: Michael Ganci

What in the world is Yoenis Cespedes going to be?


Nobody is doubting that Yoenis Cespedes has a world of talent. Whether you’re talking about his cannon of an arm or his monstrous amount of power, we all have seen firsthand (YouTube search Yoenis Cespedes 2015) that Yo’ is capable of putting a team on his back. 

A lot’s happened since then. 

Cespedes has battled a multitude of injuries since he was last an impactful player on the Mets. He played 81 games in 2017, 38 games in 2018 and did not see the field at all in 2019. We all know about the wild boar incident that caused him to take a major hit in the wallet, but what player are we expecting in 2020?

For me, I expect nothing. 

We’ve seen the sporadic videos of Cespedes taking batting practice and running, but that doesn’t mean he’s anywhere near ready to be a consistent contributor. Although I am adamantly opposed to the DH, I have accepted that it’s inevitable. Too bad it didn’t start this season. The Mets would be able to give Cespedes that spot, while occasionally letting Robinson Cano accompany it as well, but that’s another discussion for another time. 

So as for opening day? Who’s going to be in left field? Barring injury, the answer should be J.D. Davis. He certainly did enough in a limited sample last season to earn the first shot, although his defense out there certainly leaves much to be desired. And if/when Cespedes is ready, I’d expect the Mets to play it cautious with him. At least two games off per week would be in order, and he would certainly DH when the Mets play at American League stadiums. 

If Cespedes shocks the world and is ready by opening day? He probably gets first crack due to the financial commitment alone, because…well you know…the Wilpons are still at the helm for now. 

It should be interesting to follow the Yoenis Cespedes saga throughout the spring, because if he’s even a shell of his former self, the Mets will have another formidable bat to contribute.

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