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What Response Will Carlos Beltran Get?


As the Mets prepare to start a weekend set against the St. Louis Cardinals, all eyes will be on the return of Carlos Beltran, who comes into Citi Field with a blistering 15 homers to start the season.

The Mets plan to welcome Beltran with open arms, as a video package will air to honor the former Mets’ center fielder. Never in question was the reaction he’d get from the team that welcomed him back for the first time as an opponent since 2004. I am going to take a closer look at the fans’ reaction to Carlos, because I expect there to be quite a bit of boos.

Unfortunately, when people think of Beltran’s Mets’ career, a lot of people like to focus on one at-bat, and you all know which one I am talking about. It was game seven of the NLCS in 2006. Earlier in the game, Endy Chavez had made possibly the best defensive play in Mets’ history to keep the game in reach. Fresh off of Yadier “Effing” Molina’s tiebreaking homer off of Aaron “cough” Heilman, Beltran was up with two outs and a chance to give the Mets one more life. But Adam Wainwright was up to the challenge, and Beltran was no match for Wainwright’s curve, as Carlos took strike three to end the Mets’ season.

People were upset with Beltran, because a fan’s memory is all about what a player has done lately. Don’t forget that, in that same season, Beltran tied Todd Hundley’s single-season record with 41 homers, and he drove in 116 runs as well. The all-star also garnered four MVP votes for his season. Pretty terrible, huh?

What do you think? How would you treat Beltran when he is announced for the first time, and does it sting a little bit extra that he’s doing so with the Cardinals?

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