By: Delfim A. Heusler

What Will the Mets Do Next?


NY Mets resign Starter Bartolo Colon and Reliever Jerry Blevins, so what is next for the Amazins in terms of moves to better this team?

My third post on the Daily Stache, I look forward to doing post on this informative site on The New York Mets. This article is on last week of the NY Mets resigning Starting Pitcher Bartolo Colon and Reliever Jerry Blevins. The question remains what will the NY Mets do in the rest of the Hot Stove Off Season to make their team better in terms of Bullpen and Outfield Help?

They last week Resigned Starting Pitcher Bartolo Colon to fill the opening when the Mets traded Jon Niese to the Pittsburgh Pirates for Neil Walker. Colon will be in the Starting Rotation until Zach Wheeler comes back in June or July in recovering from his Tommy John Surgery.

Last Week, the Mets also resigned Lefty Jerry Blevins to help their bullpen. Blevins missed most of last season with an injury plagued year. I hope 2016 will be better than 2015 was for Jerry Blevins.

In my view, The Mets need to add another reliever to their pen, One Lefty and One Righty in the setup roles as they try and help closer Jeurys Familia.

The Bullpen is a critical area for the Mets to add on in my view. It is time for The Mets act in this important area to their 2016 Effort.

The next area is looking for an outfielder to fill out the outfield for 2016. due to the recent  retirement of Michael Cuddyer. They will be looking for a Right Handed Bat to fill the Cuddyer spot, it is time for the Mets to make some significant upgrades in order for them to maintain their standing as the top team in the NL East with this unbelievable starting pitching.

My next post will be on continuing at the NY Mets off-season in this important time for the Mets, until the Mets get to Spring Training in February. It is time for the Mets to keep progressing and keep the good times rolling for all of us NY Mets Fans.

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