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Who Will Show Up Tonight?


First of all, I am well aware that Mike Pelfrey’s pitching, so I didn’t mean the question so literally.

The answer? We will all find out at 7:10 p.m. tonight. Mike Pelfrey, who I look at as kind of a modern day Oliver Perez who throws right handed, will take the hill tonight against those pesky Washington Nationals, who many say may have one of the best pitching staffs in the National League.

Tonight, all eyes will be on big Pelf. Remember how he was such a highly touted prospect out of Wichita State? Well we haven’t seen much of that stardom since he’s been at the Major League level. Sure, we’ve seen flashes, so we know the talent is there. But most of us seem to correlate Mike Pelfrey with a question mark, because nobody in their wildest dreams would place a bet on him on any given day. He’s a guy that has the stuff to throw a complete game shutout, but he also has outings in which he will walk seven, strike out one and will still somehow only give up three runs. Then there’s the nightmare outings.

The bottom line? This year is put up or shut up time for Pelfrey. He needs to be the back end of the rotation guy that the Mets need. If the Mets are going to battle for a wildcard spot (insert undefeated and division leading jokes here), Pelfrey is going to be an integral part of the puzzle. If he continues to be the same old Pelfrey, he could be joining the unemployment line before the season is out.


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