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Why Mess With a Good Thing?


Why mess with a good thing?

I always ask myself that when a player comes back from an injury.  Especially when the player doesn’t exactly fit in with the team’s long-term plan.

This week, Terry Collins said that when CF Andres Torres comes off the DL, that he’ll be back in centerfield and batting lead off.

Why?  Why Terry?  Please give me one good reason why you would move our best defensive outfielder into left field, or even worse, into a possible platoon situation?

Kirk Nieuwenhuis was called up to fill a need.  We needed a lead off hitter and we needed solid defense.  So what has he done?  Hit .316 and played spectacular defense.

So what gives Terry?  Kirk is a player we are building with.  He’s another guy who plays “balls to the wall”.  All hustle, all the time.  Torres is 34 yrs old and has had one season in which he’s had over 500 at-bats.  He’s NOT an everyday player.  Cpt. Kirk is.

Terry, I’m begging you.  Leave the kid alone!

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