By: Michael Ganci

Wilmer Flores Wants to be a Met Forever


It’s no secret that Wilmer Flores loves playing with the Orange and Blue. That was evident once again based on a blunt statement he made to the New York Post.

“I want to be a Met forever,’’ Flores told The New York Post.

Nobody will forget the night Wilmer Flores thought he was included, along with Zack Wheeler, in a trade for Milwaukee’s Carlos Gomez, which ultimately fell through. Wilmer stayed, and the Mets later pulled the trigger on a deal for Yoenis Cespedes, and some would say that worked out pretty well. Flores, before he found out he’d be staying, heard his name chanted all night, and he was even applauded on outs. The weight of that moment literally brought him to tears on the field, but later they’d be tears of joy.

“I will never forget that night,’’ Flores said. “To hear my name chanted out there, that was unbelievable. My mom came up in August for my birthday and went to games in Miami and Tampa and she was shocked, everybody was cheering my name.’’

Oh, and Flores later hit a pretty big home run. Despite not having a starting role at the moment, he’s going to be super important as a super utility man. One would think Wilmer has much more to offer, but only time will tell.

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