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Wilmer! I'm Home!


While you try to get the theme music from the Flinstones out of your head, there's some big news out of Mets' camp today.

Prospect Wilmer Flores, who's been tearing the cover off the ball at Triple-A, has been promoted to the big club to replace the injured David Wright.

Recently, I was discussing with a friend how I don't watch every inning, especially since David Wright went down. Unless Matt Harvey is pitching, the Mets' lack spunk, and more importantly, enough talent to be taken consistently.

I'm not saying that Flores is the savior of the masses, but it should be interesting to see how his successes translate at the big league level. If he can keep hitting up here, the Mets will have a good conundrum on their hands. There's nothing wrong with having too much.

Initially, Terry Collins was debating a plan to move Daniel Murphy to third base and Eric Young Jr. to second. That would have cleared the patch for Lucas Duda to return to left field, but it would be a huge drop -off in outfield defense, even though Juan Lagares has been exceptional.

Flores' Numbers in AAA: In 107 games (463 at-bats), he's hit .321 with 15 homers and 86 RBI. Over a 162-game season (if he played everyday) that translates to 23 homers and 130 RBI.

Not bad, eh?

Before we declare this guy a hall-of-famer, tune in tonight to see what he's got.


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