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You Mad, Bro? “Beam Me Up, Scotty!” Edition


From SB Nation’s “Bleed Cubbie Blue” Blog:

  • “Cubs-like fielding detected”
  • “That’s worse than the Cubs or the White Sox.”
  • “3 missed throws in a row.”
  • “practicing for the Broadway show”
  • “Wow. That…was just classic Mets fielding. Fantastic”
  • “I think the Mets just added one of their top plays of the year to their season retrospective reel.”
  • “Duda has a very angular running style.”
  • “Mets uniforms look nice today.”
  • “The Bryd…strikes–OUT again. that the Marlon we know so well!”
  • “camp warming up.that’s not good”
  • “Someone was wearing Camp’s jersey to make the Mets think they have a chance”
  • “Camp could possibly be the Mets’ #2 reliever. Pretty scary.”
  • “Aardvark for the Mets”
  • “Good job, Garza. Moving right up the list of who we trade by the deadline.”
  • “Will Marmol be Marmol, are are the Mets punchless?”
  • “HR….ugh”
  • “Time to walk one or give up a base hit, then give up another home run.” <– (Cubbies #InsaneStachePrediction?!)
  • “oh, marmol. Remember when?”
  • “Ok, NOW it’s time for the walk off home run.”
  • “Could be one of the next few batters.. He may fool us with a strikeout or easy out.”
  • “Called it! But it was sooooo predictable.”
  • “no one blows up like carlos marmol”
  • “I believe some volcanos will beg to differ.”
  • “Nice call, Dale.”
  • “Fire Sveum. Tonight.”
  • “WTF!!! Fire that POS manager.”
  • “Sometime I really wonder what Dale’s intentions are… Gute Nacht…”
  • “Fire that fuckin idiot Sveum!! NOW! And release shithead Marmol!!”
  • “If Marmol is not relased tonight then something is seriously wrong with Epstein and Hoyer.
  • “That ninth inning was like getting punched in the gut.”

From MLB’s CHI Cubs Forum:

  • “Judging by the first four pitches the Cubs should light this guy up. He’s got nothing.”
  • “Thanks for guaranteeing a Hefner shutout :)”
  • “Mets’ announcer on Soriano’s case again, “Slow-footed Soriano.”
  • “The SNY guys mentioned that Soriano uses the longest bat in MLB at 36″.”
  • “Overcompensating.”
  • “Usually those guys are pretty good, as far as opposing broadcasting crews go.”
  • “They are good. They are just terribly bored.”
  • “I bet, broadcasting that bunch, lol”
  • “I can’t decide if these two youngsters, Valdespin and Lagares have real potential or not.”
  • “I can’t imagine how Wright feels playing this team.”
  • “If you put Matt Harvey and David Wright on any minor league team in the country, they’d probably be a better major league team than the Mets.”
  • “I do like the Mets uniforms.”
  • “If the Cubs could get David Wright they could compete next year. The guy can flat out rake.”
  • “If we can make sure Garza only faces teams like the Mets and Astros, we can drive up his trade value.”
  • “Lol, thought the Cubs were sloppy. Mets just threw the ball around the entire infield. 3-0 Cubbies!!”
  • “And marblow promptly blows the shutout.”
  • “I’d package Castro and Marmol for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich right now.”
  • “put Parker in NOW….he’s gonna blow it, I can feel it”
  • “thanks….that’s what i assumed…….jebus marmol is AWFUL…..another hit and Dale doesn’t move an inch…..lmmfao”
  • “game winning homer coming up…..”
  • “and thats what happened. FIRE SVEUM IMMEDIATELY AND RELEASE MARBLOW!!!!!!!!”
  • “lol”
  • “I’m done”
  • “Why the Cubs put a jersey on a baboon and thought that would work is beyond me.”
  • “Dale is a fking idiot and if the Cubs want to compete in the near future he needs to be gone this weekend.”
  • “Sveum has the lowest IQ in this team.”
  • “Little early to be hittin’ the bottle isn’t it?”
  • “Lord this gets old.”
  • “I’m still trying to get my head around how bad it was.”
  • “why not hairston, anybody but CM in a save situation”
  • “At this point, the honorable thing for Carlos Marmol to do is retire.”

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