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You Mad, Bro? #BlameBeltran Edition


From SB Nation’s “Viva El Birdos” Blog:

  • “beltran :(“
  • “For some unknown reason I always pictured Gee as an african-american fellow”
  • “Dillon Gee? Not sure Dillon Gee qualifies for the Reggie Willits all-star team.”
  • “Mets broadcast drooling over Shelby’s numbers”
  • “mets broadcast seems to wish the 2013 cardinals would just put on mets pinstripes and move to new york”
  • “I’m going to try to watch Harvey vs. Fernandez every time they face each other from here on out.”
  • “These Mets uniforms are sharp. Never understood the fetish with adding black to their unis.”
  • “Webgem! If you completely ignore the first five seconds after Valdespin made contact.”
  • “Who’s calling balls and strikes? I can hear him in Bangkok.”
  • “I think it’s just that quiet in the stadium”
  • “Ya. It really looks like the Minor League game I watched yesterday. Dat fanbase.”
  • “ok, ump, we get it”
  • “well damn”
  • “As we say before, just don’t fall too far behind So the comeback can take place — like it did last night. Can the Mets fold late again?”
  • “Yup! It’s the Mets we’re talking about here”
  • “Beltran…”
  • “Jesus, Beltran”
  • “WTF was that?!”
  • “I dont think Ive ever seen a runner score from first on a single”
  • “lazy Beltran”
  • “Gee whiz”
  • “haha! i’ve switched it to the mets announcers. these guys are good.”
  • “yeah i like them too. stayin with these guys”
  • They always talk about them with a lot of respect. They don’t like going to stl though I’m surprised Gary Cohen hasn’t relayed his people’s express trip to stl in 1985 to see straw hit scoreboard and then the Sunday loss But I think he is awesome…..he doesn’t need a guy in his ear to recall things in past”
  • “bleh. Duda.”
  • “shit, that was launched.”
  • “i will murder to prevent this. no joke. john buck is trash”
  • “jesus how old is latroy hawkins and how many freaking teams has he pitched for?”
  • “cap’n ‘murica. dangit”
  • “most runs given up all year……….to the Mets haha”
  • “Sadly, sometimes it’s the Mets that hit them. They may be bad, but they’re still a major league team with real players that swing bats at baseballs.”
  • “That’s the biggest complement the Mets have gotten all week.”
  • “Ty sighting. Game over.”
  • “Why the fuck was Ty Wigginton pinch hitting?”
  • “Fuckity Fuck”
  • “crappy game, lose to the worst team in the NL”
  • “The Apple. It’s no Marlins home run display, but it’s still pretty awful.”
  • “It looks like it belongs on a high school homecoming parade float.”
  • “Cohen said “the slow-footed Holliday””
  • “Wipe the floor with us, Mets. Please. More humble pie.”
  • “Oh PARNELL, your last week was rough, but it’s about to get rougher!”
  • “I think the biggest problem is that the Cardinals didn’t hit enough grand slams in this game”
  • “I like hearing every word from the ump, because there are only 20 Mets fans.”
  • “Ah, puke. Harvey or rain tomorrow. Clouds, clouds on the horizon. . .”
  • “I was totally dreaming of Sweeps with Mets, Cubs, Marlins and tackin’ on 10 wins. I have been humbled by the Mets. And they’re just not good. Damn you, baseball!”


From MLB’s STL Cardinals Forum:

  • Cards starting 8 .295      NY 8 .238″
  • “Beltran forgot how to swing while away.”
  • “OK Mets, there’s your hit. enjoy”
  • “Idiot Beltran, jeez.”
  • “Lazy play by Beltran.”
  • “It doesnt get much worse then that out in RF. Might as well put Adams out there.”
  • “Most of his play is lazy.”
  • “They didn’t need to scout Beltran … he played for him once. That play typifies why both the Astros and the Mets never were charmed by Beltran.”
  • “I hate watching Carlos out there its as bad as watching Jake pitch.”
  • “Gee looks like Cy Young …”
  • “Dont give Wright anything to hit, jeez.”
  • “Ty should be flat out released. He does absolutely no good on this team”
  • “Wiggy is as useless as mammary glands on a male pig!”
  • “What a bullshit night.”
  • “I blame Beltran…….and TY.”

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