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You Mad, Bro? “Crickets In Philadelphia” Edition


This has been the shortest “You Mad, Bro” in our short history. Philly game-threads across the internet are eerily quiet since the team has stunk– but we already knew Philadelphians were fairweather “fans.”

From SB Nation’s “The Good Phight” Blog:

  • Ughhhhh Jimmy. Ughhhh.
  • “Dad on Dom Brown not scoring on Young’s single: “Why didn’t he go home?!?! Even I could score from second on that! He’s DUMBonic Brown! He must have a low IQ!””
  • “LOL METS”
  • “phillie killin the wright way…fucker”
  • “LOL Mets! Just wing it.”
  • “What kind of throw was that? lol Mets”
  • “I’m starting to dislike Young more than I disliked David Bell. And I really, really disliked David Bell.”
  • “Who is paying Sarge and Murph to suck off Delmon Young”
  • “Amaro?”
  • “Come on Chooch!”
  • “Damn.”
  • “sarge : he’s too young to be taking pitches. That’s choice nonsense vomit” ““too young to be taking pitches”? Delmon? or Michael?”
  • “Nice drop, Delmon.”
  • “You fat fuck” ‘
  • “‘Ryan Howard at bad’ hmmm…”
  • “at least he didn’t tear his Achilles on the last play of the game there…”


From MLB’s Philadelphia Phillies Message Board:

  • “Odds are somthing will go wrong.”
  • “Lineup would actually look decent with a competent right fielder.”
  • “They’ve got these scouting reports from seven years ago that say Delmon Young is gonna be pretty good someday”
  • “OMG…Sarge and Wheeler putting me to sleep.”
  • “I’ve got the Mutt feed. 9 innings of Ron “James Woods” Darling”
  • “Simply a horrible 0-2 pitchby Hamels. Wonder who he’ll blame.”
  • “BOOOOOOOOOOO, Hamels”
  • “I’d like to know who does the makeup for the guy pitching tonight. He looks so much like Cole Hamels, but sure is throwing <shit.”
  • “Can anybody remind me why Nix is on this team?”
  • “The two worst bullpens in the NL (Phils worst in all MLB) combined to give up 0 runs tonight. That’s… somethin.”
  • “A loss to the Mutt’s. Game thread with 80 posts. Monty and RJA don’t realize fans are not going to continue to support this gang. Sell.”
  • “Blow it up. The Phillies have lost their fight. Not a clutch hitter among them.”
  • “The Mets own Cole Hamels, and always have.”

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