By: Michael McDonald

Alright Mets Fans, Let’s Play GM


These days everyone likes to play GM. So let’s play with this current team.

Who would you hold on to? Who is off the table? Must haves. Who do you feel the Mets need to try to move and get prospects back?

The beginning of this year started with fans saying Bruce needs to go. Now, not so much.

Let’s start with the infield.

What should our infield look like? Cabrera wanted to be traded earlier this month when being told he was moving to second. He has since changed his tune. Can Flores be an everyday player? Many thought Turner needed to be let go a few years back. He is currently hitting over .370 for another team! Let’s not even talk about Murphy. Do we move Walker? Duda? Can we afford to hold on to such a streaky hitter? He has the pop needed in a first baseman but boy is he streaky and that’s when he’s not hurt. Do we keep Reyes? He is electric when healthy but he is getting older and his value may be at its highest now. Ok we’ll all agree it’s time for D’Arnaud. Let’s not forget about upcomers Smith and Rosario. And we haven’t even mentioned T.J. Rivera! We need to find him a spot? Don’t we? Oh but we also have Reynolds and Cecchini!

Ok now let’s move to the outfield.

It’s obvious most Met’s fans would say Conforto & Cespedes need to return. But what do the Mets do about BRUCE? How can you trade him? What if Cespedes goes through another injury? Who’s your thumper. It appears Granderson will be on the move. But what about Lagares? Is it time to move on from him to? What is Nimmo? Will we ever find out!

Man this is exhausting and we haven’t gotten to the pitchers!

Syndergaard and deGrom are untouchables but what about Wheeler, Harvey, Matz, Montero, Lugo, Gsellman, and Familia? Who stays, who goes and why? Reed is a reliever that is in demand. But if you move him, what does the bullpen look like? Can we trade our closer? If so, who closes?!

People like to criticize the GM of teams but as you can tell it’s not an easy job. So let’s hear arguments for your favorite players and make your point for why a player needs to stay or leave town.

Just remember there wasn’t a position the Mets could find for Melvin Mora and he went on to finish second in the AL in batting average at .340 and they wouldn’t let go of Mike Pelfrey or Lastings Miledge.

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