By: Michael McDonald

Who are your Favorite Mets by Position? Here’s Mine


I am curious to see who were your favorite Mets.  By favorite I mean players you were excited to watch, got you to stop what you were doing and focus on their at bats, take their number for little league or softball, and forever has a place in your heart.   Here’s mine, comment back with yours!
First Base: Keith Hernandez – To this day he is the best fielding first baseman I’ve seen.  He did things in field that most first baseman would never try. Remember his first to third throws?  His hitting, grit, and leadership is tough to match.

Second Base: Gregg Jefferies- Growing up he was my favorite player.  He played second and third base like me and played the game hard.  

Shortstop: Rey Ordonez.  Watching him play defense was so much fun.  His throws from his knees, just his strong arm in general was unique and so entertainng.  His hitting? Well, he played great defense!

Third Base: Howard Johnson- “HOJO!” Remember when pitchers tried to sneak a fastball by him? How did that turn out? His defense definitely wasn’t spectacular! Not bad for a player Sparky Anderson wrote off early in his career.

Left Field: Yoenis Cespedes- This player is so much fun to watch.  He can do it all. Love watching everyone of his at bats.  At any point he can turn on a pitch and change a 3-1 deficit to a 4-3 lead. 

Center Field: Carlos Beltran- When he was healthy, he was such an amazing five tool player.  He could hit, throw, run; he did it all.  His ability to flag down fly balls in the outfield, while diving for others that seemed so far out of reach was unmatchable.  

Right Field: Darryl Strawberry- Remember when he hit three home-runs in one game?  His at bats were legendary.  His power was remarkable.  His chip on his shoulder & his show boating at times angered opponents and their fans, but he was ours.  When he was up at bat, you stopped what you were doing and watched.  

Catcher: This is tough but after 9/11 Mike Piazza to me, gets the nod over the late Gary Carter.  Mike Piazza brought life back to the Mets when they were a struggling team.  He put them back on the map.  

Pitcher: Doc Gooden-  Talk about getting fans going to games? This guy filled the ballpark. “Dr. K” got his fans filling the stadium waiting to display their “K” signs.  To this day, I’ve yet to see a Met pitcher that dominated the rubber the way he did.  He was intimidating.  Batters feared him.  When he was on top of his game, there was not any better.

Let’s hear your favorites! Comment below.

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