By: Richard Ippolito

Better, Same or Worse?


Ever since I was 18 years old, I have needed prescription glasses. And since that age, I have been going to the optometrist every one or two years in order to keep my prescription up to date. I have been hearing the term “better, same, or worse” since those visits have taken place. For those unfamiliar, when getting your eyes checked, you go through a series of lenses and lines of text in order to hone in on your prescription strength. When the adjustments start and the lenses are being swapped out, your doctor may start to ask you “ better, same or worse?”

As spring training inches closer, a day away as I currently write, we are all wondering if this team might just be “better, same or worse?” Uncle Stevie had no issues shelling out all sorts of contracts this offseason, with the likes of Verlander, Senga, and the resigning of Nimmo. And while I loved all these moves, I honestly don’t know how far or in which direction they may have moved the needle. I am hoping that some of these uncertainties might be answered the further along Spring we get.

For now, I’d like to think (maybe hope is a better term) that the Mets are at least the same, if not slightly better. This team won over 100 games last season. Swapping out players like deGrom and Bassitt for Verlander and Senga (or even Quintana) seems pretty lateral. I love the additions of Raley and Roberston in the pen. But the one thing the Mets lacked last season, and failed to address this offseason, was another power bat in the lineup. Trey Mancini or Adam Duvall were two options I think could have helped fit that mold, although both are coming off of less than stellar seasons. In the end the front office decided to roll the dice with Vogelbach and Tommy Pham. 

Maybe they end up breaking camp with Baty getting the gig at 3rd and shifting Escobar into a DH/bench role. Or maybe Alvarez plays so well that they have no choice but to bring him North as the DH, although I prefer he gets the catching experience in AAA. Who knows, Eppler might sense the need, and make a move as Opening Day gets closer. With the core of the roster set, and the majority of the team being brought back from last season, the question remains… “better, same or worse”.

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