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MetsLove and The Roots


Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you Mets fans out there this February 14th. Today, I wanted to share The Roots of my MetsLove, and to show some love for the 2023 New York Mets.

The Roots

My MetsLove began going to games with my family while growing up in New York. Since my family is originally from Brooklyn, my grandpa gravitated towards the Mets after the Dodgers bolted for Los Angeles. I own tattered programs of games at Shea Stadium from the early 80’s. My earliest Mets memories are crying as the Mets faded down the stretch in ’85, locked out of the playoffs by the Cardinals. Tears of joy followed in ’86 as the ball went through Buckner’s legs and Orosco flung his glove a million miles into the air. I copied every left-handed Mets hitter’s batting stance playing wiffle ball in my backyard: Strawberry, Hernandez, Backman, Dykstra, and my favorite Met of all time, Dave Magadan. 

NEWS FLASH: Buck Showalter’s Press Conference – 2/14/2023 

(You can check it out here on YouTube: – Buck sits down at 6:25, first question at 7:30)

Ah, I missed watching Uncle Buck’s press conferences. I watched all forty minutes so you don’t have to:

  • The Mets will stagger Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander at the start of the season to have one 3x Cy Young award winner start Opening Day, and the other 3x Cy Young award winner start the Home Opener. No decision yet (that Buck will say) about who starts what game.
  • Starling Marte is healthy, but will not play in the World Baseball Classic (more on this from me tomorrow).
  • Showalter is all about managing expectations as well as players this preseason. Buck mentioned repeatedly how you have to start the year, then finish first in the division, then compete in October. There is no “fast-forwarding” to the end of the season.

Even if the Mets aren’t in midseason form yet, Showalter certainly was, engaging with that customary twinkle in his eye. Notable moments included Buck reminiscing about past Talent Show performances in preparation for the Mets Talent Show this preseason (Buck was absolutely mum about when, where, and who would participate), Buck’s fascination with ordering Chipotle (or however you pronounce it) on your phone, and how the Mets will deal with the pressure of a $360 million payroll. Pressure? Expectations? Doesn’t matter what you call it, it’s the same for Buck Showalter every year. Just put yourself and the Mets in the best position to win it all.

MetsLove: 2023 Edition

In addition to The Roots of my MetsLove, the Mets themselves put out little cutesy, Valentine’s Day offerings on Twitter to send to the special Mets fan in your life. Here are a few for your viewing pleasure:

For all of you Brandon Nimmo stans out there, what’s not to love about a career Met who earned a massive 8-year, $162 million contract this offseason? I admit that I am in love with Nimmo’s career .385 OBP at the top of the Mets lineup every day. Nimmo’s enthusiasm, smile, and clutch hitting is infectious, and he’s not just playing stellar defense at 6 Outs Above Average in center field.

Despite the arrival of Justin Verlander, Max Scherzer is still the Mets #1 starting pitcher. With a K%-BB% of 26.4 in 2022, Mets fans can expect continued dominance in 2023, as all of Scherzer’s Statcast data remains in the upper echelon of all MLB starters. I would love for Scherzer to continue to utilize his five-pitch arsenal to limit opposing hitters to his 2022 line of a .202 xBA and .265 xwOBA.Image

Despite all of the Mets offseason signings, I love the addition of Kodai Senga the most. The Mets desperately needed a long-term upgrade at the SP3 position, and Senga will hopefully fit the bill. Sporting an upper 90’s 4-seamer and a “ghost fork” that drops off the plate, Senga is poised to steal the hearts of every Mets fan this year. If anything, check out the dude’s glove, it’s amazing.Image

Now, how about you? On this Valentine’s Day, celebrate the moment or player that made you a Mets fan. Hit up the comments section to share The Roots of your MetsLove.

As always, Let’s Go Mets!

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