Breaking down the Matt Harvey soap opera


Matt Harvey is pitching in his first season since having Tommy John surgery. Matt has bounced back nicely and had said he will pitch in the playoffs. However, Matt’s agent Scott Boras insists that the Mets shut him down at 180 innings.

Fans of Baseball are comparing Harvey’s sitituatuon to Steven Strausburg’s back in 2012. Steven at that time was on his way back from TJ surgery and the Nationals Controversialy shut him down.

Like the Nationals in 2012 the Mets are in playoff contention.  Boras is concerned that the Mets will over use Harvey putting too  much stress on his elbow that could lead to another injury down the line.

According to assistant GM John Ricco the plan is to have Harvey throw no more then 195 regular season innings and a reasonable amount in the post season if they were to make it that far. Matt is slated to start four more games this season and have a skipped start to limit innings.

“We’ve consulted with Matt all the way through, and we will continue to do that. I don’t think anything will change,” Ricco said on Friday. “It’s not my experience that you have a doctor mandating [innings limits] for a pitcher.” via justmets

Harvey always has wanted to pitch in the playoffs and that has always been clear however, it seems like he may be changing his mind.

“I know from having 178 the year before I took off, I think the whole idea was not to exceed too much more than that,” the right-hander said on Saturday in Miami. “I hired Dr. Andrews to do my surgery and I hired [Scott Boras] for a reason. To prolong my career and put me in the best possible position,” Harvey explained to reporters on Saturday. Via justmets.

Boras and Harvey are making it seem that the Mets are the bad guys when really the Mets have done everything for Matt. They essentially have done everything for him in his rehab process and now when the Dark Knight needs to take over Gotham he might vanish.

It’s unknown at this point what is going to happen between Harvey and the Mets ,but the Mets have the arms to compensate if Matt decides to pull himself mid playoff push. However, the belief is that Matt WILL pitch in the playoffs in 2015.

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