By: Michael Ganci

David Wright: Offensive Threat or Liability?


Since David Wright’s return from the disabled list, he’s made an impact, although he always seemed to be missing that elusive clutch hit…which he found on Monday.

Wright, the Mets’ captain, is hitting .309 in 19 games this season with 2 homers and 6 RBI. Since his return, he’s batted mostly in the two hole in front of Daniel Murphy and Yoenis Cespedes. His slugging percentage is just .395. To put that in perspective, since 2004, he the only time it was that low was in 2014, when it was .374 during his most forgettable season to date.

A lot of criticism has come David Wright’s way over the years due to the notion that he’s not clutch. My father, for one, is one of his biggest critics, saying Wright is prone to the single with two-outs and bases empty and kills more rallies than he helps. While many may agree with that sentiment, others disagreed when we posted the following question on The Daily Stache’s Facebook page on Monday night.

“What do people think of the current state of David Wright? Do you look at him as more of a threat or liability?”

Here are the responses:

Mary Keogh: He has a debilitating condition and I am not going to badmouth him. Today he drove in the winning run. Is he the same David he was before getting hurt? No, but that doesn’t mean he’s a liability.

Rebecca Graziano: He’s a leader and he’s loyal. He does more from the bench then some guys do on the field. He had a key, key role in today’s win–and no one can doubt his fire!

Frank Curci: He motivates this team.

Wright is undoubtedly a leader, but he’s far from the biggest threat in this lineup. Still, at the fourth or fifth best option, I’ll take Captain America anyday.


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