By: Michael Ganci

Dream Come True: Keith Hernandez Memoir Scheduled for 2017


The legend known as Keith Hernandez, the Mets’ television analyst, former World Series winning first-baseman and Seinfeld star, will release a memoir, called “I am Keith Hernandez” in 2017, according to CBS New York.

Hernandez, who’s not afraid to speak his mind, should have some interesting stories to share, and I will be sure to buy this one when it hits the shelves.

Here’s a tid-bit from CBS:

Hernandez, 62, is expected to write about everything from his childhood and acting career to his years with the New York Mets and St. Louis Cardinals, including the World Series titles he won with each team. He also will tell of his drug use, which he first acknowledged in the 1980s, and “the experiences of his teammates, enemies, and friends.

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