By: Michael Ganci

Five Reasons the Mets Should Keep Dillon Gee


It seems like a foregone conclusion in a lot of Mets fans’ minds that Dillon Gee will be dealt this spring, even if it gets the Mets pennies on the dollar.

Don’t get me wrong, if they package Gee with a prospect to get an upgrade at shortstop, I am all for it, but I don’t simply believe they should trade him solely because all of the pitching rotation spots are currently accounted for.

Here are five reasons why I think the Mets should hold on to him:

  1. Matt Harvey- The Mets’ diamond jewel, they will definitely take precautions when it comes to his health and making sure he doesn’t overdo it. We’ve already heard he might make some 5-inning starts, and how nice would it be to have Gee ready to go right behind him? The two of them, on those days, can lead right into the trio of Bobby Parnell, Jeurys Familia and eventually Jenrry Mejia (who I think will keep the closer’s job). If Harvey needs some extra rest, Gee can start for him altogether.
  2. Bartolo Colon- That enormous body of his has to catch up on him some time, now doesn’t it? Even if it doesn’t, Colon could find himself as trade bait come the deadline, especially if the Mets don’t come out to a roaring start. Even if they’re contending and still deal him, Gee can slide right into his spot in the rotation, unless the Mets plan on calling up one of the kids from Triple-A.
  3. Jon Niese- Although he’s never had that catastrophic injury, his shoulder has been a concern in the past. Like I’ve said in previous stories, depth is never a bad thing to have, and it serves as nice insurance in the wake of an injury. If Steven Matz comes up and impresses at some point, Niese could potentially find himself on the chopping block as well.
  4. Carlos Torres- Last year, the Mets used Torres out of the pen for multiple innings an awful lot and he did an admirable job, to say the least. Having Gee in the pen can spell Torres, which would make Torres more effective in the long run.
  5. The Bullpen in General- It’s always good to have defined roles in the bullpen and it looks like we’re headed for that model. If you made me make a decision now, I stick with my gut in saying Jenrry Mejia will be the closer. That leaves the eighth inning for Jeurys Familia, the seventh for Bobby Parnell/Josh Edgin and the sixth for Sean Gilmartin/Vic Black. That leaves Torres and Gee to handle the long relief duties and spot-starts.

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