By: Michael Ganci

Go Tulo or Go Home


Today, news around baseball is surrounding the middle infield position, with some foreign imports possibly becoming available and guys like Stephen Drew and Asdrubal Cabrera still on the market.

Neither of those guys excite me, especially with Cabrera’s ability to play shortstop in question and the supposed asking price ($9 million per season) both guys are asking for. Last season, Cabrera took a big step backward while Drew made Ruben Tejada look like a perennial all-star.

If you ask me, I’d rather deal Syndergaard, Gee, Plawecki and another prospect to Colorado for Troy Tulowitzki and about $30 million. Then we’d be paying 15-16 million per year for Tulo instead of $9 million for Drew. That’s worth the game?

The other option? Do absolutely nothing.

Although I was initially in favor of going for Jung-Ho Kang, I think the Mets were right to save the money in case they need it for Tulo or possibly a mid-season acquisition for a playoff push. If the price isn’t agreed upon for the Mets and Rockies, then maybe it’s time to accept the team for who it is. Give Wilmer Flores a shot.

I know that’s not a popular idea. Flores isn’t a proven shortstop and his bat has been inconsistent, but he hasn’t been given a full season to progress. There’s also Matt Reynolds and others in the farm system on their way, so they could be reinforcements should Flores struggle. I think the boat has sailed on Ruben Tejada.

I’d make the trade for Tulo, as it’s time for the Mets to make their splash. But, if that doesn’t work out, invest in the youth, and pray we get something from Flores.

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