By: Michael Ganci

Alderson Calls Rays About Zobrist


In a baseball front office, conversations happen everyday, but with news about the Tampa Bay Rays signing Asdrubal Cabrera surfacing Tuesday morning, Sandy Alderson finally picked up the phone. We have the transcript.


Matthew Silverman: Hello?

Sandy Alderson: Matt, how the hell are ya? Happy New Year and congrats on your Asrubal news.

Silverman: Thanks, we like him. He fits the mold for what we’re looking for.

Alderson: Speaking of mold, what are you going to do with Ben Zobrist?

Silverman: We’re open to keeping him, we like him a lot, but we do have an extra guy now with Escobar, Cabrera and Zobrist. Why, any interest?

Alderson: Definitely. How to you feel about Dillon Gee?

Silverman: Who?

Alderson: Dillon Gee. I’d be willing to offer him straight up for Zobrist.

Silverman: Hold on a second. (Tries to cover phone and fails miserably)

Silverman: Hey guys, has anyone heard of Dillon Gee? Oh, he’s the guy the Mets are essentially trying to give away. Right. (Back to Sandy) Not in love with Gee. How about Noah Syndergaard?

Alderson: For Zobrist? No. We could add a guy like Rafael Montero to the mix if you throw in a low level prospect.

Silverman: Still not in love.

Alderson: Well I have some other ideas for you, but do you mind if I call you right back?

Silverman: No problem.

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