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Ike Davis Gives Back to Those in Need


The NY Mets and Rock and Wrap It Up! taped a segment for Mets TV.
Mets First Baseman Ike Davis worked with RWU CEO Syd Mandelbaum to load food after a recent Met game. The Mets started working with the RWU Sports Wrap! program eight seasons ago. Over 85,000 meals have been recovered feeding New York’s hungry.
Ike is pictured with Syd and with two of Aramark’s concessionaires loading over 600 meals in the RWU SUV and Ryan Vines, RWU summer research analyst. Rock and Wrap It Up! is being highlighted this season, the Mets 50th, for its programs to help reduce poverty.

Rock and Wrap It Up! is a global award-winning 501 C 3 anti-poverty think tank. Using greening tactics, they work to recover food and other assets to go to human services providers fighting poverty and hunger. This increases their operating budgets. This allows them to hire more services; tutors, social workers, job placement counselors and mental health counselors to attack the root cause of poverty. Since 1991, they have fed over one billion who hunger.

They work in Sports, Music, Schools, Hotels, Entertainment and do Public Advocacy nationally. Rock and Wrap It Up! and all of its partners are protected from liability by the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act (Pub. L. No 104-210, 110 Stat. 3011 (1996)

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