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Joe Torre Took the Coward’s Way Out with Utley Suspension


First of all, let me start by saying I am 100 percent in favor of Chase Utley being suspended for the reckless play that resulted in Ruben Tejada breaking his leg in the seventh inning of Game 2.

After the uproar about the call on the field and the lack of an interference call, analysts everywhere debated whether Utley’s slide was dirty and what repercussions he should’ve faced. Many thought it was dirty, including old Mets’ foe Chipper Jones.

He wasn’t alone, as players throughout baseball voiced their opinions on the matter. Shane Victorino, long a friend and teammate of Utley’s, defended his former Phillies brother on Twitter.

As for Joe Torre, he looked like I did on my first day of Spanish class. He looked lost, incapable of completing a logical thought, and he didn’t even know the rule on the play or how to interpret it. He, and the head of umpires, even said if Utley was tagged on his way off the field, the call would have been out at second base. Why would a defensive player ever tag a runner after he’s been declared out? That’s just silly.

Now for this bogus suspension, which Utley has already appealed. Torre and company have suspended Utley for two games, for which the Dodgers and Utley are not happy about. According to various media sources, the appeals process will be sped up so a resolution on the suspension can be figured out before Monday’s game.

Here’s what the Mets said about the suspension in a team statement. Nothing surprising here, as their statement is completely by the book:

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 7.20.27 AM

Something stinks here, and I think it’s Joe Torre and MLB, who are trying to cover their backsides and prevent retaliation. Obviously, the next two games are at Citi Field, the Mets’ home, and retaliation may be in order. While one wouldn’t likely expect Utley to play against left-hander Steven Matz, he could conceivably be in the lineup tonight against the Dark Knight of Gotham, Matt Harvey.

Personally, I am torn on whether or not the Mets should retaliate, but I think it depends on the game situation. I wouldn’t do it to the leadoff hitter, and my preference would be to plunk Utley with two out and nobody on in a game the Mets are leading by more than one. But fate doesn’t always work out as we may want it to.

The bottom line? Baseball is trying to cover its ass after their umpires convened and still added gasoline to the burning fire this situation has become. It will be interesting to see how things proceed Monday night. As for Harvey? Will he retaliate? Here’s what Harvey told CBS.

“I think the most important thing is going out and doing my job and doing what’s best for the team. For me, in my mind, that’s going out and pitching a long game and being out there as long as I can, and keeping zeros on the board,” Harvey said. “But you know, as far as sticking up for your teammates, I think being out there and doing what’s right is exactly what I’m going to do.”

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