By: Michael Ganci

Mattingly: David Wright Would Get Away with Hard Slide


To call me furious over what happened to Ruben Tejada is an understatement, but Don Mattingly’s latest comments may be the new story.

Look what he had to say, according to a story in the New York Daily News:

“(If) their captain, David Wright comes into (Corey) Seager and slides like that, the exact same slide, and let’s say he didn’t get hurt, there would be rumblings, but it goes away,” Mattingly said Sunday, before Utley was suspended two games by MLB, with the possibility of playing on appeal. “Guys talk and chat, but if nobody got hurt, it wouldn’t even be talked about hardly today. It would have just been a hard slide, and there would have been controversy back and forth if it was hard; but since someone got hurt, now it’s a story.”

He wasn’t done.

“If it would have been their guy, they would be saying, ‘David Wright, hey, he’s a gamer; he went after him. That’s the way you’ve got to play.’ But it’s our guy; it’s different. So I know how the kind of the New York media gets a little bit going, and it gets dramatic, but for me you can’t have it both ways. If David would have done it, it wouldn’t have been any problem here in New York.”

That’s such a Yankee thing for him to say. Now I feel like he should be plunked. There’s no way to get Mattingly back like eliminating his team from the playoffs, because that likely will cost him his job.

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