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Just Say No to Tulo


Before you jump down my throat, give me a chance to explain.

Rumors are running wild because the Mets allegedly made a phone call to the Colorado Rockies declaring their interest in acquiring either Troy Tulowitzki, who leads the National League in hitting, or Carlos Gonzalez, who is currently in the middle of one of his worst seasons as a pro.

I’m not a fan of sacrificing huge prospects for either of these guys. Here’s why:

Injury Risk: Both of these guys have been hurt on several occasions during their playing days. There’s no denying that the talent is there, but the risk-factor is high.

Money: Tulowitzki is owed $20 million from 2015-19 and $14 in 2020. He has a $15 million club option for 2021 with a $4 million buyout. That’s a minimum commitment of $118 million. On the surface, Gonsalez’ seven-year $80 million deal looked like a bargain, but it’s heavily backloaded. He makes $16 million, $17 million and $20 million during the next three seasons, averaging almost $18 million per season.

In terms of talent, Tulowitzki is the better player…no question. But if you are looking for a risk that would allow you to possibly fail without paying for it for the next 10 years, CarGo is your man. Personally, I wouldn’t make either move. I still dream of Giancarlo Stanton. The Mets certainly have enough to get something done with Miami.

What do you think? Would you make a trade for one of these Rockies? Or do you have different ideas?

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