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You Mad, Bro?: Phillies Get Some Colon Blow


From SB Nation’s “The Good Phight:

  • I loathe the Mets.”
  • I guess with these uniforms, the Mets will be harder to pickoff!”
  • Guess who wants Burnett now? NOBODY”
  • “Burnett’s trade value is rising by the minute. Oh sorry! I meant sinking like a stinkin’ rock”
  • “You know if you connected a cat anus to a bartolo colon you’d be like halfway there if you were trying to construct a model of the lower part of an alimentary tract. Or you could use AJ Burnett the way he’s pitching tonight and get the whole thing in one shot.”
  • I’m glad Howard is hitting cleanup breaking up Byrd and Ruiz.”
  • That camo jersey-white pants combo looks silly.”
  • “Irony matchup here. Travis D’Arnaud vs. Aumont. EDIT: And D’Arnaud wins it. :-((“
  • Abreu padding his double-plays.”
  • Ah man i missed a Howard error”
  • “Hold Up. Howard strikes out on a fastball right down the middle? WHAAAA????”
  • That was such a SWING OF DEFEAT.”
  • Bases loaded for the cleanup hitter, alrig….ah crap, i forgot.”
  • 1 run on 13 hits. Utterly pathetic.”
  • “Utterly pathetic. Good summation of too many games this season.”

From “Phillies Nation:

  • Bleh., Mets draw first blood…”
  • 4-0 already, Goodnight”
  • This just keeps getting uglier…”
  • “From what I hear, if there is one (a trade) it will be late in the process.” -Ryne Sandberg”
  • It’s already late in the process”
  • Guess there had to be a reason two different teams traded former Cy Young winners for D’arnaud.”
  • “Strike out? Ground out or fly out?”
  • our pain du jour has ended.”
  • Glad I watched this stinker! Our new team motto should be:
    “Phillies baseball – redefining FUGLY!”

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