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LaTroy Hawkins Calls Someone On Twitter A "Douche"



LaTroy Hawkins got the save on Tuesday night for the Mets against the Rockies as they won the first game of the series 3-2.

The 40-year-old vet, an avid user of Twitter, got an interesting message last night to celebrate the save.

As you can see above one fan decided to do some trolling of LaTroy after he staggered to the finish, giving up two hits with two outs.

Hawkins was none too pleased with the backhanded compliment and decided to call the fan a douche.

Hawkins has pitched well considering most people did not expect much from a guy who had been on about all 30 teams the past few seasons.

He has been reported to be a great clubhouse guy and is normally very outspoken but very truthful when tweeting. He is not an athlete that has someone else do the tweeting.

What you see is all LaTroy, as far as I know.

The satisfaction that comes from trashing an athlete on twitter must be minimal at best and yet so many people still do it every day.

I'm not going to say that what LaTroy did was the right thing to do. But, I'm sure he gets a lot worse from time to time and he probably is sick and tired of all the nonsense.

Hawkins has not sucked this year at all. In fact I think everyone would have signed up for what he has given us this season when the year began.

All in all, just remember, if you tell LaTroy that he sucks, he might just call you a douche.


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