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You Mad, Bro? "The Lagares and Young Show" Edition


From SB Nation's “Purple Row” Blog:

  • “Now would be a good time for the Rockies to stop sucking..”
  • “Dex is under the curse of EY2”
  • “Don't like IKE Don't like IKE Don't like IKE”
  • “until he's here next season”
  • “we'll be tied with the mets if we lose this game”
  • “Colololololololorado”
  • “this is a bad, bad team.”
  • “and a one without any fight or passion. just. dead.”
  • “There's probably a future Rockie in that group”
  • “I'm looking forward to watching Chuck Nazty on the Mets in a couple years”
  • “EY, Blackmon, Brown/McBride. The all ex-Rockie AAAA outfield.”
  • “EY Jr. being EY Jr. in the outfield”
  • “EY's big adventure. He looks more helpless out there than he did at Coors……which explains how Todd gets a double”
  • “Meet the Mets, meet the Mets….Holy crap, can we BEAT the Mets????”
  • “I don’t even have hope. That’s when you know things are in the crapper.”
  • “I can see we are already getting shut down by Cy Mejia”
  • “also he's the 3rd best pitcher we'll see in this 3 game series.”
  • “Mejia Koufax would probably dominate scrabble games”
  • “Randy Mejia Johnson”
  • “Jenrry Seaver. Come on guys, it’s the Mets…”
  • “Pedro Mejia”
  • “dex really pissing me off tonight”
  • “I rather have Walter White as the manager instead of Walt Weiss”
  • “all in favor of renaming the team RocKies say aye”
  • “we just ran into the powerhouse Mets, it's ok.”
  • “Chacin + Harvey tomorrow 15 IP, 1 ER, 0 H, 7 E, 2 ND between them”
  • “so much soft contact.”
  • “Good idea Citi Field, pause the game during the Wave so idiot fans don’t ruin the game for the real ones”
  • “Mets infielders don't like the idea of getting in front of the ball. I’m glad those are scored as errors. Sack up and make an effort, for God’s sake.”
  • “Oh fine NOW EY is all a good fielder. FFFFFFFFFFFF”
  • “People often find certain uniforms ugly when I find them to look just fine. But someone please tell me those orange wristbands aren’t just the most hideous thing…”
  • “Maybe this is why the Mets are so bad. Because they have so many former Rockies all over the roster.”
  • “When you build your roster on guys who weren't even good enough to play here….you have major personnel issues.”
  • “Atchison literally looks like he's 45”
  • “On what planet is EY a major-league hitter?”
  • “If he's wearing a Rockies uniform EY2 somehow manages to get out going to 3rd there”
  • “Ladies and gentlemen, we just got EY’d”
  • “Future Rockie Ike Davis”
  • “And future Yankee Ike Davis”
  • “Yeah after he wins 4 MVPs with us”
  • “he sucks”
  • “that's our next first baseman you're talking about”
  • “And I'm honestly okay with that”
  • “Hit 34hrs in Citi Field. I wonder what the asking price would be..couldn’t be more than a couple C prospects or something”
  • “time to go 1-2-3 in the 9th, gotta keep that 0-forever road record flawless”
  • “What is this, Old Home Night?!? We’re about to be shut down by ex-Rockie LaTroy Hawkins…”
  • “nice catch by our 2014 first baseman”
  • “Well that was a helluva a play by Davis.”
  • “And that's why he's gonna be a Rockie!”
  • “Someday, we will be better than the Mets ;(“

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