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Mets Not Pudging on Ivan


According to Mike Puma, Mets’ officials spoke with Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez as recently as 10 days ago and told the 40-year-old catcher to stay in shape in case they decided to bring him on to be Josh Thole’s backup and mentor.

From Puma:

A Mets official spoke with Ivan Rodriguez as recently as 10 days ago, and the team hasn’t ruled out the possibility of signing Rodriguez as a backup to Josh Thole. But before the Mets spend the roughly $2 million they have remaining in the budget, their priority is to ensure Johan Santana is healthy. Otherwise, the remaining money would be allocated toward another starting pitcher. The Mets official told Rodriguez to “stay in shape,” because anything can still happen.

Later, Adam Rubin of ESPN NY reported that this scenario was very unlikely, but I happen to be one who is completely in favor of the move. What’s standing in the way?

Here are the options currently in camp: Mike Nickeas and Rob Johnson. Pardon me for not jumping out of my chair with excitement, but these are not guys who are capable of making an impact. Pudge is worth a look for his ability to mentor the young Thole alone. He helped Wilson Ramos in Washington, and he still can be a pesky hitter when called upon. Nickeas and Johnson can battle in Buffalo for the Triple-A gig.

I am all for taking a look at the young player most of the time, but Nickeas is 29 years old! That’s like 60 in baseball years. If he was going to burst out of his bubble, he would have done so already. What I see from him is being a right handed Brian Schneider, but not as good defensively.

Right now, the Mets seem like they are refusing to “pudge,” but I think he’s worth a shot. We’ll see I guess.

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